The 71%

Last week, I attended Rising Tide Summit 2019 at The Plaza at Cabrillo Marina in San Pedro.  I  was invited as a guest of Lonely Whale, an organization that collaborates with partners working to save our ocean.*  Prior to meeting folks from Lonely Whale, I didn't really know a lot about ocean issues other than …

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Notes From My Day With Really Smart Women

When my friend/psychologist/financial advisor, Diane, invited me to the 2017 Women's Leadership Conference at Mount Saint Mary's, I was super excited. I'm usually hesitant of attending 'women' events; more often than not, they don't address issues and topics that I care about as a woman of color or one who has worked with women in …

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Best. Fundraiser. Ever!

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to attend Asian American Journalists Association - LA's Trivia Bowl XVIII.  The event was a fundraiser for student scholarships and professional programs. The event was held at an ABC7 studio in Glendale and hosted by David Ono. My random thoughts and takeaways: The metal part that fastens the eraser …

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