Putt Putt Invitational Closing Credits

Ain’t no party like a putt putt party, ’cause a Pilar Putt Putt Party don’t stop! Once again, I had amazing birthday celebration, thanks to old and new friends. This year’s birthday theme was golf– because I love golf. Until I messed up my back two months ago (I did not stretch and seriously pulled a muscle or two), I was pretty obsessive about it. Thank you to my friends for being a part of the celebration and letting me play party planner.

Also, thanks to the folks below for helping me make my vision come to fruition:

Brian Haggett, General Manager of Arroyo Seco Golf Course
I called, told him about the Pilar Putt Putt Invitational. Within 15 minutes, he e-mailed me the options and saved the date on the calendar. I just had to check in a week before to give him the head count. It could not have been easier. By the way, it was also inexpensive.

Patrick Oplinger, Anderson Trophy
I walked in, picked a trophy, and had it 10 minutes later. He also took a picture and e-mailed it to me so that I can post and “promote” (Facebook) the trophy and party immediately.

Stan’s Donuts
I don’t know his name, but when I told him my vision– donut holes covered with sprinkles so they looked like golf balls– he understood. I came in the afternoon before the event and they were able to have it ready for me by 10 am the next day. If you happen to stop by Stan’s in Westwood, please tell him that you were a part of the putt putt invitational. No, you’re not going to get a discount. But it would just be nice since Stan’s really helped me out.

Last but not least…
My good friend Aileen Martinez, a contributing photographer for Venice Paparazzi, VOLUNTEERED to be the official photographer.

And special shout to my good friend Tonya Gray, former marketing manager for Southwest Airlines, who lent her event planning expertise. More importantly, she flew in from AZ last Saturday and endured L.A. traffic as we went from one craft store to another.

*Note: Most of the pictures below are from my humble camera and the nicer pictures are from special guest J. Allen.  You will know which ones are from my little Kodak 7-point whatever pixel and which ones are from a Canon DSLR.

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