That ‘Journey, Not Destination’ Thing

I love getting up early. I live by ‘seize the day’ and like to get up before most people to get started. I especially love Sundays because people tend to sleep in, stores open later, and (some) people still go to mass, in-person or virtually. That means less people out and no traffic. I live in L.A. so this is very important.

This Sunday morning, sun was out and there was not a cloud in the sky. What a perfect day for a drive and a stroll!

Since I was in Malibu last week, I decided to go to the South Bay. I really wasn’t sure where, other than towards Palos Verdes. So I drove, stopped for coffee at Coffee Cartel in Redondo Beach Village, and proceeded to go south. I made random turns; random, in that, I just turned because the street looked interesting and/or I felt like it.

And it took me to Malaga Cove. I have seen it from the bluff many times, but I have not been to the beach portion. I had seen the signs before, but I usually had another destination and didn’t have time. This morning, I didn’t have destination. So I made a right. And I kept on driving down different streets and eventually ended up here.

You could get here on foot from Redondo Beach, but it’s quite a walk and the tide may preclude it on certain days/times. The other tricky thing is that the beaches in this area are not all accessible because of the terrain.

I knew this morning that I wanted to go for a drive. I knew the general direction. I enjoyed my drive and made sure I made time to check out wherever the road led. And it was amazing! In addition to the beautiful drive without traffic, my delicious cup of vanilla latte for the trip, peace and quiet, and the scenery, I saw many dolphins just swimming around with the surfers, kayakers, and SUPers.

Finding this area was a great reminder to focus on enjoying the journey. As long as you allow your values or what’s important to you to serve as a guide, you will end up at a great place and/or where you are supposed to be. And it might even have a nice surprise for you.


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